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We’re Improving TrustedSite Ratings

We're Improving TrustedSite Ratings

A month ago, we revealed an energizing new item called TrustedSite Visitor Reviews. Its will probably crowdsource the notoriety of all sites, particularly those you’re not really comfortable with—new destinations, little locales, less trafficked locales. We call these “the long tail of the Internet.”

By giving everyone a chance to rate and survey locales, we’re helping make the Internet a more secure, more dependable place. In the event that you’ve had an extraordinary involvement with a site and you rate it, everybody will think about it. Furthermore, in the event that you have a not all that good experience and put it up on TrustedSite, everybody will realize that as well. That way, the great folks will acquire activity and business, and the terrible folks… well, they’ll lose.

We Listened to Your Feedback

Yet, we knew our appraisals framework wasn’t 100% ideal the first run through around, so we went out and got client input. We needed to comprehend what you enjoyed about the administration, and what you thought could be moved forward. Also, from all that, we’ve rolled out a few improvements that we’re eager to impart to you.

Presenting another rating framework

NR - Hover Window Copy

Beforehand, you scored a site from 1 to 5, from “totally trust” to “not in any way trust.” But on the grounds that we’re constructing a crowdsourced notoriety stage, we’re tweaking the rating scale so it’s less demanding to inform others what you truly think regarding a site . Presently you rate locales that you Love, Like, Dislike, or Distrust.

This is what everything implies:

Regina + Love Copy


Truly, please! This site is the best in class, and you need to inform your companions regarding it.

Love if: the client benefit is well beyond, or the substance is greatly smart and enlightening. You believe this site totally, and don’t reconsider before entering your own data, similar to email locations and Mastercard numbers.

Stephen + Like Copy


You had mostly good experiences with the site, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t perfect, and, it’s not a go-to site for you.

Like if: you’re willing to use it when necessary (maybe when a news story breaks and you want to quickly understand what’s going on) but you don’t visit regularly because there’s better stuff out there.

Zach + Dislike Copy


This site is the thing that you’d call an “eh.” You for the most part avoid it—yet not on the grounds that it’s unsafe. Rather it might basically have a poor client encounter that is improved the situation wherever else.

Aversion in the event that: you invest excessively energy finding the pages or data you’re searching for, if the general population behind the site are extremely difficult to connect with, or in case you’re besieged with popups or irritating promotions.

Allison + Distrust Copy


You never go to these locales and you advise your companions to stay away from them also.

Doubt on the off chance that: you think a site is risky, spams, or is possibly unlawful.

Go give it a shot

Since you know how the new evaluating framework functions, for what reason not go out and rate a couple of locales (particularly the ones individuals won’t not think about) utilizing the Chrome augmentation. In the event that you have some time, we’d love to get your criticism in the Chrome store too!

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