New Identity Protection highlights for you and your clients

New Identity Protection highlights for you and your clients

We’re eager to declare that we’ve made a few upgrades to Identity Protection, a component included with our McAfee SECURE Pro designs, that advantages your clients and you. Subsequent to getting criticism from our clients, and our’s clients, we’ve taken off new alternatives that enable you to pick how you’d get a kick out of the chance to offer Identity Protection scope.

What’s new?

Better for your clients: An enhanced client encounter for your clients by giving them the decision to select in to get Identity Protection

Better for you: New execution choices that enable you to modify the offer

Better for your clients

You are never again required to pass us your client’s email address. Rather, your clients can select in to get their scope, and we won’t speak with them until after they actually share their email address with us.

Better for you

We’re presently giving both of you alternatives to offer Identity Protection in light of the best fit for your site. Subsequent to making a buy, your clients will find out about their Identity Protection scope through one of two ways:

The Modal

For the best arrangement, with the most noteworthy number of information exchanges, pick the Identity Protection modular window. The modular will fly up in the focal point of the page after a client finishes a buy on your site. Your client can select in to get their endowment of Identity Protection scope, or they can close the window in the event that they are not intrigued.


The Slide-Up
For a more integrated approach, the slide-up window is the way to go. The slide-up will appear at the bottom of your Thank You page after your customer has completed their purchase. This option is more discreet, but still gives users the chance to get their coverage.



When you sign into your McAfee SECURE record, you can pick which of these alternatives your clients will see. Also, you can change these settings whenever.

In the event that you’d jump at the chance to execute this administration, yet aren’t sure where to start, contact your client achievement director and they will enable you to begin.

Wrapping Up

By offering complimentary wholesale fraud assurance, you are handling your clients’ #1 security concern. With our new highlights, your clients will see that you think about them when they purchase.

In case you’re a McAfee SECURE Certification Pro client, add Identity Protection to your site today. Just explore to the Setup Wizard, where you’ll discover the affirmation page code to get set up.

Is it accurate to say that you are a Lite client? Move up to Pro at this point.

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